Eternal construction "Shanghai"; What I should learn from this city is the ever-changing power.



I have been to China many times since 2004, and took many many photos , thus I have uploaded almost to Flickr.

But now, I can not recognize every photo. Thus I choose my favorite photos , and introduce selected photos and letters.

Longyang Road Station. This is the first picture I took in China at 2004.05.31. ©4thdimensioninchina


Since 2004, I have been to there cities…

  • Shanghai City
  • Suzhou in Jiangsu
  • Harbin, Qiqihar in Heilongjiang
  • Hangzhou, Yuyao in Zhejiang
  • Kunming, Lijiang, Dali in Yunnan

I have written brief city guide on above list.

Pretty red fire hydrant at Shanghai.

Fire Hydrant at Shanghai, 2017/08/25. ©4th Dimension in China


Four movement modes are chosen depending on the situations, but it is not just stopping to say because there are walls, for example.

Please enjoy mixing and dividing the four dimensions and the four movements on this site.

If you want to read my travel essays in China, please go essay.

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