skyblue and waterblue on Er Lake (Erhai)

Yunnan Province has many World heritages

Yunnan is located in the southwest of China.

We can enjoy various scenery as if the whole Yunnan Province is a World Heritage!

  • Population: 45, 960, 000
  • Area: with an area of 390, 000 sq km
  • Nationalities: Yunnan has the most ethnic minorities

Short History

This component of the southwest has been integrated into the empire since the state of Yunnan.

During world war II, Yunnan has been the strong point of protection against the Japanese invaders.

Exhibit "China air force against Japan" at Flying Tigers Exhibit in Kunming City Museum.

Exhibit “China air force against Japan” at Flying Tigers Exhibit in Kunming City Museum. Taken on August 22, 2017. ©

After World War II, Yunnan was spared the fierce fighting between the Communists and Nationalist/Imperialists with only a few small skirmishes taking place on Yunnan soil.


For its distinctive geographical location, complex topography, and large variations in altitude, Yunnans climate is of the suburban plateau monsoon kind.

Under the Kppen Climate Classification, a lot of the state lies within the subtropical plateau or humid suburban zone, using mild to warm winters, and scattering summers, except in the tropics south, where temperatures regularly exceed 30 C from the warmer 50% of the year.

The plateau area has moderate temperatures. The western canyon area is hot, humid in the valley bottoms, but you will find freezing winds in the mountaintops.


Air There are 10 airports from Yunnan province, Kunming, Xishuangbanna, Simao, Dali, Lijiang, Baoshan, Mangshi, Zhaotong, Zhongdian and Lincang airports. There are now 50 domestic airlines into a big and middle city and 6 international Rangoon airlines, Bangkok, etc.

It is a picture when we went to Yunnan province in August 2017. The flight departure was delayed in Shanghai, and arrived at Site dedicated to Kunming Changshui International Airport (KMG) at midnight.

Kunming Changshui International Airport (KMG) at 2017.08.15 ©

Highway Now, Yunnan has formed a good communication network using Kunming as its centre. This national and provincial highways as this trunk lines linking up sub trunk lines, cities and this countryside, radiating to all portions of this province, connecting into Sichuan, Guizhou, Guangxi and Tibet and also the neighboring nations Railway The Yunnan area connecting with some other part of China by railways.

With Kunming as the centre, you will find Guikun line in this east, Chengkun line in this north and Nankun line in this south. Waterway Yunnan has 6 river systems, which ranks first from temis of water systems from China and is very rich from water resources.

Local Specialties

Puer Tea, Embroidered Handcrafts, Jade, Medicines, Baiyao, Cigarettes.

Shop of Puer Tea

Lijiang Ancient Town, at 2017.08.17 ©

Local Food

Steamed pot Chicken (qiguoji), Bridge crossing Rice Noodles, Xuanwei Ham, Mushrooms, Shiping tofu.

Steamed pot Chicken (qiguoji) which my wife made.

Steamed pot Chicken (qiguoji) 2019.05.27 ©


Stone Forest (Shilin)

Stone Forest (Shilin) in Yi Autonomous County, Yunnan Province.

Stone Forest (Shilin) in Yi Autonomous County, Yunnan Province. taken at 2013.02.27. ©

Stone Forest (Shilin) Known since One of Earths Natural Wonders, All visitors into Kunming from home and overseas never hesitate into come here into admire this distinctive scenes formed by the stones.

Covering a few hundred sq kilometre, stone peaks rise abruptly from this ground in several layers like bamboo shoots, forests and pagodas.

Er Lake (Erhai)

skyblue and waterblue on Er Lake (Erhai)

Er Lake (Erhai), Dali, Yunnan Province. taken at 2017.08.20. ©

Er Lake (Erhai), named after the ear shape, is a barrier lake formed following a fault foundering of this earths crust.

The beautiful scenery and clear waters of Er hai Lake are very fascinating and attractive. On this boundless expense of this lake, you will find steamers, sailing boats and flying birds.

Jade Dragon Snow MountainIt’s about 15 kms to this north of Lijiang Ancient Town.

Lijiang Ancient Town (Old Town of Lijiang)

My wife is raising her hands at the gate of Lijiang Ancient Town.

Lijiang Ancient Town, at 2017.08.17 ©

Old Town of Lijiang, lying around a Lijiang plain at an altitude of 2, 400 meters in southwest Yunnan province of China.

This town is among the last surviving historical towns in China.

This city comprises of 3 parts:

  • Dayan Old Town situated from the Ming Dynasty as a commercial center.
  • Baisha housing bunch situated before during that the Song and Yuan dynasties.
  • Shuhe housing clusters situated 4 kilometers northwest of Dayan Old Town.

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